27 AD & JUDAS  

The speculative fiction novel, 27 AD, is about a modern man who travels back in time to 1st century Palestine and discovers Jesus isn’t there. Imagine Han Solo wandering into Earth’s Roman Empire at the height of its power, only to realize this world has been waiting for him and his fate is far worse than carbonization.   

JUDAS picks up the story of the reluctant hero, after his return to modern times. Christian has survived his ordeal in antiquity to return three years later to an emerging dystopia, where President Trump has solidified his hold on permanent power. Danger unfolds at the realization by Trump’s agents that Christian and his bloodline hold the keys to eternal life. Ultimately, Christian’s hopes for returning to a normal life are thwarted as he discovers the truth of his central role in saving man’s future by shaping its past.

Can one man save the future of humanity by shaping its past?

The Way It Really Is

Follow along as a victim of abuse and eating disorder laments her journey using perspective and diary entries. Feel her suffering as she seeks a way forward out of the dark places of her mind. Rejoice as she discovers her path and weep as she learns the true cost of recovery. Her story is raw, and real, and all too common in The Way It Really Is.