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Author J. D. Morrison
Editor J. L. Rausch

The Way It Really Is - Contemporary YA -Heartbreaking tale of abuse, addiction and the stuggle to heal. A story of living with and surviving a trauma-induced eating disorder. Available on Amazon 10/12/2017 @WolkpackPub @CityLightsPress

Gary - Suspense/Horror - A stage prank goes horribly wrong when a gay student is selected homecoming queen in his high school's first gender neutral court election. #Amediting

27 AD - Speculative Fiction - Extraordinary story about a modern man who time travels to ancient Palestine and discovers Jesus isn't there. Coming soon @ ATTMPress

JUDAS (Sequal to 27 AD) - There is danger for the bloodline in an emerging dystopian society. #Amquerying

Spirit Animal - Paranormal - A Canadian Boy possesses a rare power to project his spirit while he sleeps. The American CIA recruits him and the Russians hunt him. Ultimately, his drive to find the man who murdered his brother sustains him.#Amquerying